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Posts published in July 2013

United Nations authorizes offensive operations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The United Nations recently authorized peacekeeping forces in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), to perform offensive military actions against a variety of rebel groups located in the east of the country. The newly formed Force Intervention Brigade (FIB), authorized by the U.N. Security Council…

Will Democracy Prevail in Egypt?

Amidst mass demonstrations calling on him to quit, Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi was ousted from office by the army on July 3rd. Millions of demonstrators erupted into cheers at Tahrir Square after General Abdul Fatah Khalil el-Sisi announced that Morsi would no longer be the president.

Prospects for Peace and Democracy in Mali

In January of 2013, headlines brought the country of Mali, located in West Africa, into the international spotlight as France deployed soldiers and warplanes to help Mali combat Tuareg and Islamist rebels fighting for independence in the desert north. Since the French intervention began, the situation…

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