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Posts published in June 2012

Canada Under Fire For Human Rights Record

Canada has a long history with the United Nations, most of which can be characterized by a generally cooperative undertone, as demonstrated by Canada’s participation in every UN mission since 1957. However, this relationship has grown strained as of late, deteriorating further on June 8 when…

Ambivalence in the Japanese Energy Sector

Japan is currently undergoing a reorganization of its energy sector with simultaneous developments occurring in nuclear, oil, and solar energy markets. The concurrency of these endeavors in both the public and private sectors reflects a prevailing concern for Japan’s short-term and long-term energy security.

Is Chagas Becoming Another HIV/AIDS?

The Public Library of Science (PLOS) Journal of Neglected Diseases, a peer-reviewed journal, released an editorial in May about a little-known illness called Chagas. The infectious disease which is transmitted through parasites, can cause substantial damage to the long-term health and quality of life of those…

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